The exquisitely balanced blend and the flavorful assortment of purest ingredients award Shikhar Royale Pan Masala an unparalleled and everlasting flavor and aroma.

It is essentially flavored with Kewra essence representing its royal lineage which dates back thousands of years ago when it was a custom of the royalty to chew Areca nut and betel leaf. Shikhar Royale is a treat for Pan Masala connoisseurs around the world who can chase horizon for the mysteriously perfect taste.

Shikhar Royale is available in can and attractive sachets of 1.92 gm. that retain the genuine flavor and aroma of the Pan Masala for days.

Our Range of Pan Masala:

Shikhar Royale (1.92 gm)

Weight Per PacketTotal number of sachets per boxTotal number of boxes per master-cartonTotal Net Weight
(In Kgs)
Shikhar Royale
(1.92 gm Per Pack)
60 Sachets100 Boxes11.520 Kgs