Shikhar Group has created a prestigious position for itself in the domain of high quality smokeless tobacco products.

The company’s experienced tobacco experts with the treasure of knowledge about gutkha, pan masala, readymade and filter khaini (Snus), render it a firm foundation in the competitive marketplace. Also, its modern day infrastructure in harmony with a state-of-the- art technology, in house quality testing labs and distinctive packaging facility has provided an unperturbed growth to the enterprise.

A well defined process developed by experts in the field over the years ensures that the essence and originality of tobacco from the time it is picked to the time it is packed is retained. Keeping in mind strict and international quality parameters for producing the best quality tobacco products, different tests are done at each level of manufacturing process.

The company’s tobacco specialists, with their history of rich experience, seek out the finest tobaccos, recognizing that a high quality product deserves nothing but the best. Upon inspection by our representatives for top quality, tobacco and areca nut are acquired and transported to our facilities where they are processed to obtain the most authentic and best-selling premium product in the category.

The tobacco and areca nut are then mixed with pure essential oils and flavors. Type and individual proportion of different essence may vary in order to cater to the diverse tastes of the Indian and international market.

They are blended according to a composition essential to formulate the tobacco into our famous secret recipe, thus ensuring that each product becomes a mark of taste and grandeur. Once a fine blend of all the ingredients is obtained, the desired quantity is hygienically packed in different packings to ensure longer shelf life and longer retention of their exquisite aromatic fragrance.